Reyhani Nemirovsky LLP Accepts Bitcoin For Payment

NEW YORK – December 16, 2013 – Reyhani Nemirovsky LLP announced today that it will accept Bitcoin for payment of its legal services.

When the firm launched in April 2012, the firm’s founders set out to create a nimble and flexible firm that met the ever-changing needs of its clients.  Accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment is a continuation of the firm’s goal and provides further flexibility to which the firm’s clients have become accustomed.

“In addition to flexibility for our clients, it seemed natural for our firm to accept Bitcoin given that our client base consists of start-up companies, entrepreneurs and Bitcoin-related endeavors,” said partner Bryan Reyhani.  “We’ve seen Bitcoin’s growth, and are interested in its potential.  Accepting it as a form of payment was a prospect we seized upon, similar to when we broke from the big-law mold to launch our firm.”

“As law firms well know, clients are now more than ever requesting fiscal creativity in exchange for legal services,” said partner Dimitri Nemirovsky. “This new technology is a game changer and a paradigm shift away from conventional payment methods.  We view this as an opportunity to satisfy a growing pool of existing and prospective clients who support and utilize Bitcoin on a day-to-day basis, and welcome the opportunity to support their cause in the ever-changing financial landscape.”

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